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The Sculpture Park in Churt near Farnham, has a romantic charm with its meandering pathways, babbling streams and viewing areas with cosy seating for two. To add to the appeal is of course the multitude of diverse sculpture found along the trail, with many works representing love, relationships and emotion, complementing the idyllic landscape in which they have been carefully positioned

Park owner and curator, Eddie Powell, is naturally proud of his collection and particularly pleased to represent internationally recognised Mexican artist Maria Bayardo.
Maria's sculptures explore Futurism, with rhythmical physical movements characterising her work. Organic shapes meet cubist concepts to produce her unique figures. A particularly sensual artist, she is the creator of a series of works depicting women who rise up from a stormy relationship or express the sensation of freedom. These experiences and emotions are drawn from Maria’s own past and being.

Maria’s sculpture which perhaps portrays the most passion is ‘Il Bacio’ (The Kiss); a sleek work depicting a couple in embrace although not quite kissing. Maria has deliberately kept them apart to express the tension in the moment, as well as a nod towards Michelangelo’s ‘Creation’ where the fingers do not quite touch. This work is a replication of a real life experience where Maria, having endured a year of painful separation from her husband, found herself in Rome. Here she met and connected with a man with whom she soon enjoyed a romantic relationship. On returning from one evening’s walk to her dwellings, they shared an exceptionally passionate kiss, the power of which was so forceful it resided in Maria’s memory, inspiring her to sculpt this piece.  This snapshot from the moment still stirs up the sensation in Maria over again, causing her to say that there is a little of her in each sculpture.

‘Il Bacio’ is on display and for sale at The Sculpture Park. It is available in resin and bronze in a variety of sizes for indoors and out.

Sian Gray (The Sculpture Park)

mejor chica


J’ai rencontré Maria à Toledo, en Espagne ou elle était inscrite au cours officiel d’Arts Sculpturaux. A cette époque, je donnais les cours de Volume et Projets.

Comme on peut remarquer dans l'œuvre de Marie, sa liberté créatrice va au-delà de l'apprentissage et rend le corps humain à sa propre expérience. Son empathie est basée sur la fin, et bien que le corps soit présent, elle l’interprète comme un vague souvenir, et cela lui donne la liberté d'interpréter l'original avec des formes attrayantes qui cèdent les unes aux autres afin d’articuler l'ensemble de la pièce. L’eurythmie poursuit sa fonction parce que les pièces sont crédibles et harmonieuses dans leur finition.

Elle aborde la sculpture à travers de formes organiques liées à des concepts cubistes et même dans certains des œuvres, on retrouve la mémoire de l'ancienne Vénus du Paléolithique. Ce qui la mène à sculpter des œuvres chargées de vérité.

Jesús de la Luz Ceballos Vivas (Escultor) Toledo, España  30 de enero, 2013

Repésentation: The Sculpture Park Gallerie, Farnham, UK. Galerie Mickael Marciano, Paris Francia. Agora Gallery, New York USA. Galería Contempo Puerto Vallarta,  México. Galería Mimi Mendoza, Guadalajara, México. Galleria Mirabilis, Reggio Emilia, Italia.