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You might say that it was the artist within me who discovered the sensual woman I had kept concealed. From this awakening, figures began to emerge in which I found myself reflected. The process healed many things and freed me to confront many others.

With this series of sculptures, I am discovering a passage that integrates past, present, and a projection of a future in which I am a free woman.

Some of these pieces are women who rise up from a stormy relationship, while others are an expression of the sensation of freedom.

I am also awakening my architectural vein by integrating geometrical figures. An Italian curator once told me I had a clear influence

of futurism, so I decided to integrate movement as well. Depending on your interpretation, you may see more than two legs in my sculptures.

Futurism, founded a bit more than a century ago, is my present challenge and my absolute delight!

I let my body talk and still my brain. I sometimes think it's my grandfather's hands working each sculpture, for he used to carve on wood... it seems so easy that way!

I will have done my job as an artist if anyone feels reflected in my sculptures... pain, guilt, strength, joy, love, freedom... all of them part of me, and of us all.